Online Harassment Training

Convenient Online Harassment Training for Your Employees

Although we focus on providing live, in-person harassment training, The Compliance Pros has added an online harassment training. The reason is studies show that there is no competition between the retention, understanding and involvement in a live training versus an online course. For example, we understand that not everyone can attend the live training and that newly hired or promoted individuals must be trained within 6-months.

Therefore, we have created an online quiz based on our live training, incorporating videos of the trainer, so the information your team receives is cohesive and uniform. In addition, we provide the tools to assist in preventing misunderstandings, and by providing our online course to the folks that could not attend the live training, your entire team will all receive a similar message.

The online course is compliant with all laws and is a cost-effective strategy for training one person at a time or a small group.

The course should be available on any device that is logged into the internet. It can be completed at the convenience of the individual, and the employer will receive a certificate upon the individual’s completion of the online course. The only requirement is that the individual must complete the quiz while online.

In addition, we will be available to answer all participant questions via email for 3 business days from the individual completing the course.

(And for your convenience, in the future we will be creating a Spanish version of the online course so the individuals on your team that are more comfortable learning in Spanish, will also receive a uniform and cohesive message.)

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