Harassment Training Webinars and Remote Learning

Harassment Training Webinars for Your Employees

Our live, harassment training webinars are engaging, fun and comply with all California legal requirements. The Compliance Pros’ trainers have provided 2000+ Harassment Prevention Trainings and have over three decades of combined anti-harassment training experience.

Wainhouse Research conducted a study where 70% of trainers believed that webinars were “more or just as effective as self-paced training” and 57% believed the value from using webinars to train new employees was high.

Working remotely or “telecommuting” is becoming more common and the “new normal.” The future for most industries isn’t building more office space but having employees and contractors work remotely. In addition, depending on a company’s size, culture and turnover, remote training could be the logical choice. The benefits of our harassment training webinars are invaluable!

The best part is our webinars comply with all California laws including SB 1343, AB 1825, SB 778 and AB 2053

There are times when web-based learning just makes sense:

  • Your employees work remotely
  • The team is not centrally located and are spread around the country
  • Costs associated with travel and lodging would be excessive
  • Employees would lose valuable time traveling to and from the training

And there is no comparison with a typical, multiple-choice online training:

  • Webinars are simply more engaging
  • Participants can ask questions and truly understand the nuances between what is acceptable and what isn’t
  • The trainer can customize the training in real-time based on the questions being asked; and
  • Your team gets a voice. They can chat, vocalize opinions, ask questions, answer questions, and more. Your team will, therefore, be more focused and more likely to learn.

What we frequently hear from students after our harassment training webinars:

  • “The Compliance Pros provided really great anti-harassment training.”
  • “We were able to ask questions and truly understand the law.”
  • “We now have the tools to help prevent harassment and issues.”
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed the training, it was way better than the typical, boring training received at other employers.”


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