Harassment Training Testimonials

Harassment Training Testimonials from Owners, Directors & Heads of HR

“After 2 years of working with Karin Weiner, she is known as a trusted, respected, and highly valued partner. Her expertise, professionalism, and strategic consultation have helped us create customized training that is loved and respected at the company (which is sometimes so hard to do with this topic!).

She has trained over 400 employees both in person and virtually.  For each training session, she does the work to learn and grow with our culture, by incorporating important and relevant topics, all while keeping the core experience consistent and top-notch in quality. Most recently, Karin redesigned our training to work in a virtual world, partnering closely with our team to ensure the quality and experience was not lessened and making the transition as stress-free as possible for us. All of this is reflected in feedback from both employees and managers, who specifically value her strength in connecting personally, answering complicated questions clearly and making it fun! ”

- Genevieve Stack

Program Manager and Manager of Development, Intercom

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Karin Weiner at The Compliance Pros!  During the last year, we have worked directly with Karin to roll out our Sexual Harassment training at our twelve locations nationwide. Karin has been great working in different time zones and accommodating our needs.  We have trained our team both in person and virtually using Zoom.

And most importantly we have received great feedback from the staff and executive team alike, on the great presentation and real-life scenarios Karin uses during each training, whether in person or on Zoom!  I am happy to recommend the services of Karin and The Compliance Pros!”

- Jely Jeronimo

Department Head of Human Resources, Modern Vascular

I hit the jackpot with The Compliance Pros.

From the start, Karin made the whole process as easy as possible. She was accommodating and friendly over the phone, and communicated regularly leading up to training. She asked questions to tailor her presentation to the particular areas we wanted to focus upon to ensure that the training fit our company culture.

Karin did a fantastic job holding everyone’s attention by making a relaxed and interactive environment that encouraged questions and participation. In fact, days after the training, I had employees coming up to me saying how much they learned and that the training was interesting and fun.

Even after the training, Karin followed up to answer any questions I might have. Overall, Karin made a very daunting task a breeze. I absolutely recommend The Compliance Pros and will be using them for our ongoing needs.”

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‒ Kathleen McNew, Human Resources Director


“We asked Karin to conduct anti-harassment trainings for our staff and managers.  Afterward, many of our employees approached us to tell us this was the best anti-harassment training we had ever offered. They found the class both enjoyable and useful.

As a labor/employment attorney myself, the material was specific enough to educate, but also general enough for the managers to digest.  In addition, she teaches several tools to help managers remember how to do the right thing.

Since I know the laws so well, I was prepared to be bored, but Karin’s content and engaging presentation style made the time fly by. Karin and the training were fantastic!

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‒ Maria Miller, Chief Administrative Officer

KQED, Inc.

Harassment Prevention training is extremely important, especially in the state of California.

Having dealt with trainers in the past that were not prepared, who didn’t do any research on our Company, or who failed customize the presentation to our culture/policies, I was very cautious about setting up this year’s harassment training for managers.

Karin exceeded my expectations by being thorough on several preliminary calls to ensure we were aligned in messaging and setup for the day-of.

And she was clear and concise during the training so that our managers not only listened but comprehended the training.

I would definitely recommend Karin for your California Manager Harassment Prevention training needs.”

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‒ Adey Tadesse-Heath, Director of Human Resources


The presentation The Compliance Pros gave on sexual harassment was excellent.

Our staff learned a great deal and we plan to follow all the suggestions.

There is definitely a need among businesses of our size to become better informed on this topic.

Your educational training provided an excellent forum for us to ask questions.

Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant day!”

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‒ Lorraine Garcia, Program Director


Harassment Training Testimonials

From Participants Themselves

“The trainer was very effective – she was informative and provided good and memorable examples. Things were explained simply and effectively. And I found the levity and openness to questions very helpful.”

“She was super informative without being too ‘lecture-y’.”

“The harrasment training was humorous at times, yet informative, with good audience participation. It went by fast!”

“She was very enthusiastic and fun, as well as knowledgeable and helpful.”

“In our manager training the takeaways included how our company policy trumps the law, what qualifies as illegal and what doesn’t, and what to do about any given incident. The discussion of the “hot-potato model” of reporting incidents was very helpful as well. Too often managers hear “tell HR.” What we heard instead was “tell HR because as a manager you’ve gained some responsibility for the incident by knowing about it and the best thing to do is to transfer that responsibility to the proper department, which in most cases, is HR.” I love to know the “why” as it relates to these things, and that’s what we got yesterday’s training.”

“The training had lots of information. A great blend of visual, audio and reading. The trainer was very effective and made it fun and funny. It was amazing – I loved it.”

“She made otherwise dry information fun and easy to understand. The trainer was extremely effective and approachable. Thank you – it was fun!”

“The training clarified the various types of harassment and the difference between bullying and harassment. The trainer was awesome! A+++++”

“Everything was helpful, informative, clear and well thought out.”

“Karin Weiner was engaging, knowledgeable, forthright, and wasn’t afraid to say “I don’t know” which is an undervalued trait. She was best trainer that I’ve experienced.”

“All positives, no issues. Informative and great execution!”

“Thanks to either Karin for NOT including those terrible, ridiculous videos. So many workplace trainings are full of cringe-worthy “example” videos and the cheese factor is what I end up remembering about those sessions. Talking through her examples was also both helpful and interesting.”

“Karin did a great job delivering the information in a fun manner.”

“It was helpful that the trainer became familiar with our policy. She was very effective, straight-forward, very knowledgeable, intelligent and she kept a good pace. Great class. Thank you.”