Why Hire Our Harassment Training Experts?

We’re California Harassment Training Experts



We guarantee our training will comply with all Federal and California laws, including SB 1343, AB 2053, SB 778 and AB 1825.



The Compliance Pros works diligently to provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you stay out of trouble.



Your team will enjoy the training and will tell you “It was one of the most engaging trainings they have ever attended!” Our trainings are lively, fun and energetic. Your employees will thank you! Check out our harassment training testimonials!



A live California harassment training is far more memorable and impactful than a web-based or online training.



Your team will learn specifically what is OK and what is NOT OK. And we will provide the tools to assist in preventing misunderstandings or issues.



Our expert harassment trainers are thorough and will encourage questions and participation. This will enable your team to fully understand the laws and the rationale for your policies.



Our harassment training experts have provided over 2000+ workplace legal compliance trainings and we have over 25 years of anti-harassment training experience. You will be in good hands with our team of legal professionals.



We are experienced employment attorneys, therefore we can customize the course for your industry and to address your specific needs.



In the time of #metoo, our harassment training courses can assist to minimize harassment claims and avoid costly employee lawsuits.

In-Person California Harassment Training vs. Online Courses

People often ask, “Why should I choose in-person training when there are so many digital training options available?” The answer is simple.

While it’s true some that online harassment training options may be less costly or more convenient, research shows they are less impactful.

It has been proven in many accredited studies that in-person trainings are more memorable and inspire learning retention better than e-learning.

Our harassment training experts at the Compliance Pros provide a lively and engaging learning experience that encourages employees to interact and ask questions. This enables participants to better understand California laws and their workplace policies, resulting in a more respectful workplace.

Plus, we will provide your team with all of the tools they need to assist in easily preventing misunderstandings or future issues.

We Make ‘Mandatory Trainings’ More Engaging and Memorable

We get it – no one likes to sit through ‘mandatory trainings’. But, sometimes it is necessary and state regulations require that your entire team be compliant.

This is how The Compliance Pros are different:

Our expert harassment trainers are energetic, informative and lively! Your employees will thank you for not having to sit through a boring class, because they will be engaged!

Moreover, our expert trainers are experienced attorneys with over three decades of anti-harassment training experience across the entire workplace spectrum. They have trained every industry and every sized company, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Our courses are expertly tailored to your unique needs to ensure that they are relevant and engaging, without being boring. In fact, no one will fall asleep during our courses!

As we stated, we focus on providing live, in-person trainings. The reason is that studies show that there is no competition between the retention, understanding and involvement in a live training versus an online course.

That said, we understand that not everyone can attend the live training and that newly hired or promoted individuals must be trained within 6 months. 

Therefore, we have created an online quiz based on our live training, incorporating videos of the trainer, so the information your team receives is cohesive and uniform. In addition, we provide the tools to assist in preventing misunderstandings, and by providing our online course to the folks that could not attend the live training, your entire team will all receive a similar message.

The online course is compliant with all laws and is a cost-effective strategy for training one person at a time or a small group.

We are located in Los Angeles and San Diego and are available to train your team throughout California (San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, etc.,) as well as nationwide.