One-on-One Training and Coaching

One-on-One Training and Coaching In-Place of Group Classes

There are times when a group training is not sufficient, and an individual requires One-on-One Training and Coaching. These fully customized, in-person courses are structured to address the immediate issues the employee has experienced and that the client has requested be the focus of the discussion. Each in-person or webinar session is delivered in a conversational and engaging format, leaving the participant with behavior altering direction and actionable tools they can apply to their real-world work environment. The training and coaching session will stress interaction with our coach to ensure high impact and definitive results. Our trainers can also be made available after the training session to answer any questions that arise once the course is complete.

A typical coaching session may include:

  • read through your internal rules, policies and code of conduct,
  • help them fully understand the law and what is expected of them,
  • go over the ramifications of their behaviors,
  • explain the severity of the circumstances, and
  • generally assist your employee to modify their behavior.

The Compliance Pros also offers the full-suite of live, group harassment training courses and even an online harassment training course. Need more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, browse the California Harassment Training Blog or Contact our experts directly. 

Please contact The Compliance Pros for more information on how we can customize these reasonably priced courses for your organization.